Some of the products we carry:

  • Digital Hearing Instruments
  • Custom made Ear Moulds
  • Swim Plugs
  • Ear Plugs including musician ear plugs and noise plugs
  • Assistive Listening Devices (Telephone Amplifiers & Amplified Telephones, Vibrating Alarm Clocks)
  • Wireless/FM Systems
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Instruments and Accessories

We prescribe only the top leading and trusted digital hearing aids – Swiss, Germany and Danish technology – starting from $580 – $6,800. We carry Signia,  Phonak and ReSound hearing instruments and other reputable hearing accessories.

Our hearing aid prices are very competitive (hearing aid prices are controlled) and will match any written offers. You are most welcome to ask us for the recommended retail price list issued by the hearing aid manufacturers.

A premium hearing aid centre at bargain hearing aid prices. When you buy a hearing aid from us, you are not just buying a hearing aid, you get full service and support to get the best out of your hearing……your Hearing is Precious!

Traditional small custom hearing aids
Phonak Virto


Custom Made in the ear Instruments-

This refers to hearing instrument that is “custom-built” for the size and shape of your ear. The three popular custom-made hearing aids are the IN-The-Ear(ITE), In -the-Canal (ITC) and Completely-In-The Canal (CIC) hearing aids.

Virto ITC.310.310
Another custom-made In the ear hearing aid with additional features.
Audeo V 312 310.310
Open Fitting style, which combine the power of the Behind-the-Ear and the discreet In-the-Ear style.
You would likely benefit most if you select the Open Fit style hearing aids if  you have a good hearing at the low frequency and a sloping high frequency loss.


The BTE hearing aids fits comfortably behind the ear and is attached to either a universal ear plug or a custom made ear mould which sits inside the ear canal.

With BTE hearing aid, the electronics are housed in a case that sits behind the ear. Sound is directed from the hearing aid, through the tubing and through the ear mould to the eardrum.

Some BTE hearing aids, may come in super and ultra power versions,. They can provide more amplification than smaller devices due to the stronger amplifier and the larger battery.