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There’s nothing like the sound of Paradise

“Life is On” for everyone

Comprised of all-new hardware,

Paradise excels in hearing performance and hosts several elevated features.

The result?
A hearing aid that delivers an unrivaled* hearing experience

Leading technology based on trusted Phonak audiology and proven multifunctionality.

ActiveVent Receiver is an innovative speaker technology, featuring a mechanically switching vent and providing naturalness of your own voice while optimizing your hearing performance.

It is the world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker, designed for challenging listening environments or for moments of focus. It is controlled by AutoSense OS™ 4.0 — automatically adjusting your hearing aids to suit the environment.

  • PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip features double the memory and low power consumption.
  • Increased binaural audio transfer rate
  • Intelligently balances speech clarity in noise and listening comfort
  • Superior sound quality for streaming media
  • Preserves naturalness of own voice perception while improving hearing performance

Custom Virto Marvel

A custom hearing aid for the modern era

An award-winning, discreet hearing aid built around the concept that people who wear it have nothing to hide — it lies right in plain sight. It comes in a stylish black color (among several others) and looks like an earbud. 

Power Naida Paradise

 Next Level, powerful Sound.

Connect directly to either your iOS® or Android™  smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Enjoy hands-free calls and seamless switching between two active devices.


Hearing Protection Exposures of ≤85 dB over 8 hours would be safe without hearing protection. However, note that for every 3 dB increase above 85 dB, the safe exposure time without hearing protection is halved. Too Loud, Too Long The primary account of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is that cochlear hair cells are damaged (Liberman […]

Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Latest ReSound Technology ReSound One Latest Product Portfolio (ReSound) Welcome every need with the mostindividualised hearing solution Make Life Sound Better via Organic Hearing approach c6 Chip Platform- Fast & efficient World’s first full-featured* hearing aid with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear)  for the most natural, more complete sound experience. All Access Directionality feature– greater hearing Ultra Focus -The best […]