Wide Range of Hearing Aids to choose

The latest HSA & FDA approved quality hearing aids come in a variety of styles,
from the discreet micro Behind-the-Ear (micro BTE) models including the Receiver-In-The Canal (RIC) or
Receiver-In -The- Ear (RITE) types to our totally invisible and comfortable and smallest Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) ranges.

The power and superpower versions of Behind-the-Ear models are also available if a high amplification is required, especially for severely profound hearing impairment.

They are designed to suit your individual needs. The shape of your ear, the degree of hearing loss and the activities you perform will suggest which style and technology is best for you. No two individuals (or two ears) are alike in want and hearing needs, even with similar hearing ability, hence audiological assessment and advice is highly recommended.

The latest and state of the art hearing aids including several prominent brand names such as Phonak (Sonova), Signia (SiVantos) and ReSound, are provided through us as the authorised partner in Singapore.

In essence, choosing the “best” hearing aid involves getting hearing aid that best suited, best tailored and customised for you.

One of the smallest, most discrete style of hearing aids crafted uniquely to fit comfortably inside your ear

Another crafted style
(ITC), fitted comfortably in your ear canal to provide more space for added features such as venting, wireless etc should the smaller version CIC is limiting

Custom In the Canal (CIC/ITC)

Reciever-In-Canal/-In-The-Ear (RIC /RITE)

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

All styles – Rechargeable

Should you be unhappy with your current hearing instrument and looking for ways to hear better, kindly call us for advice.