why Digital Hearing Aid Centre?

Our clinic, Digital Hearing Aid Centre, is operated by certified and qualified audiologist and specialist. Our aim is about enabling our clients to hear to the best of their ability – to improve their quality of their lives for work, and more importantly, for family.

Our specialist and audiologist love what they are doing. Our audiologist will take good care of your hearing health and provide you with the most suitable solution including hearing aid prescription and hearing protection.

  • We are experienced and fully-qualified audiologist (MSc (Audiology)), and professionals (PhD, Otolaryngology), who have helped thousands of hearing impaired people of all ages.
  • We are the most established hearing clinic in Singapore with over 20 years experience, including our previous operation at major hospitals in Singapore, at the Singapore Association of the Deaf, etc.
  • We employ the most recent and advanced audiological methods and protocols for audiological assessments, and prescription and fitting of hearing aids.
  • Our staff including our audiologist, are actively involved in research and development with universities, give technical presentations worldwide, and are inventors of patents related to hearing instruments and acoustical devices.
  • Our clients come from all over the world, including North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, and including doctors.
Assisting you on what you would like to hear more of.
Assisting you on what you would like to hear more of.

Our Mission/Vision:

To improve the quality of hearing through excellence in client hearing health care as well as through research, development and innovation.

Our Values:

Passion, Integrity, Excellence, Respect

We love what we do as reflected in our client’s comments ” They love what they do. Very professional, friendly, trusting and genuinely concerned about my hearing well being”.

All because we believe in    …Your hearing is precious.