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  1. having hearing loss or/and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and in need of some advice on what to do next?

3. In need of a new hearing aid??

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Why Digital Hearing Aid Centre?

Certified, qualified audiologist with 20+ years of experiences using the most advanced evidence-based hearing assessment protocols for your hearing needs

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What we carry?

Some of the products we carry:
Hearing Aids,
Ear moulds, Noise/Swim/Ear Plugs, Hearing aid batteries and Care kits, Assistive Listening Devices and Wireless accessories including vibrating alarm clocks

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Most professionaI, merticulous, caring services and sound advice given

Trusted brands for decades

We carry international brands that have proven track record,well known
& good support in Singapore in. They are leaders in the field of
hearing aid design and technology.


EST. 1947
Swiss Tech.

One of the “Big Five” top global hearing aid manufacturers with the largest market share worldwide, known for both its adult and pediatric products incl. Roger

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EST. 1878
German Tech.

One of the oldest established Top 5 global hearing aid manufacturers (used to be known as Siemens)

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EST. 19943
Danish Tech.

One of the well established Top five global hearing aid manufacturers with its well known for Made for iPhone feature products

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